In 1973 Jean and Françoise Racoupeau bought Les Maçonnières as a second home. At that time the farm had long been inhabited and was in a poor condition.

From 1980 to 1992, the house underwent several major phases of reconstruction. Restoration of the facades, roofs, catering and interior design, buildings and boundary walls, construction of the pool and external equipments. The house then took the name Clos des Maçonnières.

In 2011, their children are in charge of the destiny of Clos des Maçonnières and decide to share the place and start to rent it out so that you can discover such a peaceful environment.


We offer you to share our family home for a relaxing or exploring holiday stay or break.    


The house is made of the local "Tuffeau" stone and is covered with old tiles. Wherever it was possible, original materials were reused or preserved to ensure its authenticity. The restoration works were made by artisans Compagnons du Tour de France to meet key objectives, respect the built heritage and reuse old materials while combining modern conveniences.



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